Sindh CM ask to Fedral Govt to suspend flight operation to Iran

Sindh CM ask to Fedral Govt to suspend flight operation to Iran

Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah asked to the federal government to suspend flight operation with Iran due to the situation of coronavirus. This was asked by him after the two cases of coronavirus in country. So the situation could be handled. The first patient of coronavirus travelled to Iran and returned 20th February to Pakistan by air this was said in a press conference by the chief minister.

Other passengers total of 1500 who travelled to Iran will be kept under observation for 15 days. Other family members of the patient are not currently diagnosed with the virus. A team of trained people would meet the passengers and other people who had travelled to Iran.

People will also be tested for the virus. If the virus is found in any person and after its confirmation these patients will be kept under isolation area for observation and treatment. A special hospital will be available for this purpose and all the necessary equipment will be provided. He also asked help from the private hospital’s doctors who are more experienced to identify this virus’s patient.

The screening at airports must be improved. Two corona virus cases emerge in Pakistan. All the schools and colleges will remain close on Friday. Travelers from Iran met their children so if the virus is transferred then it must not come to other people. This decision was made to avoid of spreading the virus.

The request was made to media also not to create panic and help the government to determine the patients to avoid the consequences. Government of sindh said they will pay for fair price to companies for mask and related to equipment so the fake shortage must not be created. Different isolated wards are being made for this purpose. We are trying everything in our reach to avoid any damages.

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