POC proposed for expats holding foreign nationality

POC proposed for expats holding foreign nationality

The government has been instructed by a parliamentary body to facilitate visa processing for former Pakistanis who have declared themselves foreign nationals and migrated to European countries.
The Senate Implementation Committee was briefing on the aid provided to Pakistanis who are now having difficulties in moving to their home country.

In an earlier meeting, the members decided that Pakistanis who are foreigners are primarily based in European countries. Countries should be given the facility of POC. This will enable them to return to their native country. They will also be able to buy the property.

During the last meeting on the issue, the committee also directed the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development, to devise a mechanism to help overseas Pakistanis obtain POCs easily.

On the other hand, some members of the committee observed that Pakistanis who have foreign nationalities as Afghan nationals should not be rewarded. They should not be treated like criminals.

However, Senator Sajjad Tori, who had raised this issue of public importance, did not have any difficulty in issuing a POC to Pakistanis. ”It is important that such Pakistanis can back to their homeland to meet their family,” said chairperson of the committee Dilawar Khan.

The problem facing migrants due to the Biometric system in banks abroad was also discussed. The committee was informed Biometric verification of 28.1 million or 96% of active accounts of Pakistanis in overseas countries by the end of October31.

Government informed Senate Implementation Committee that 1.18 million Pakistanis are to be biometrically verified as well.

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