PIA’s top officials announce a voluntary deduction in salaries

PIA’s top officials announce a voluntary deduction in salaries

PIA’s top officials announce a voluntary deduction in salaries

Top officials of the Pakistan International Airline (PIA) have announced a voluntary deduction of their salaries following the loss of the national airline due to the Coronvirus.

According to details, the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide has suspended all flights to Pakistan’s national carrier flag in and out of the country.

Initially, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Air Marshal Irshad Malik announced a voluntary 20% reduction in salaries among losses to the national airline.
According to the details, the Chief Officers of the departments have announced a 20% cut, followed by a cut of 15% on the salaries of the general managers of the national carrier flag.

On the other hand, the deduction of 10% in the salaries of the Deputy General Managers and 8% on the salaries of the managers have also been announced.
Following in the footsteps of the CEO, other top-level officials of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) also announced a reduction in their salaries.

A PIA spokesman said that voluntarily declining the salaries of national aviation officers would help the airline to some extent overcome its financial burden.

It is worth mentioning here that on Wednesday, the Minister of Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan said that Pakistan International Airline (PIA) suffered a loss of up to Rs 4 billion due to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and by the end of March 2020 It can grow up to Rs 6 billion.

He said he was not alone in dealing with the current situation because the outbreak of the virus had damaged the entire aviation industry, limiting movement across the globe.

The federal minister said that he operated 27 special flights to bring 8824 Umrah pilgrims back home from Saudi Arabia, while Pakistanis stranded in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates were also returned by special flights.

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