Pakistani cricket fever PSL 2020

Pakistani cricket fever PSL 2020

As the year speaks itself twenty 20 like this every Pakistani is in fever of Pakistan Super League (PSL) twenty20. This is the first time PSL is being played at Pakistan’s ground. Every Pakistani is exited. At every match ground are full and every person is trying to watch to live with friends at stadium.

After a very long time cricket is back in Pakistan, and this is a hard work of our PCB and security agencies. Not only a common person is exited but Pakistan’s showbiz industry is also taking part in excitement and joy of cricket fever. This is the 5th edition of Pakistan Super League and big news is every match is at our home grounds.

Every person is hoping to get a chance to meet with their favorite stars. In the showbiz industry every actor and actress are supporting their favorite teams, and sendings well wishes for their win. Renowned TV actress Maria Wasti says about a favorite team Karachi Kings, “I am looking forward to this event. I hope every player will give his best in event and make us proud.

Pakistani cricket fever PSL 2020

Every person is excited about this event because after a long time it is being held in our beloved country.”” The best team wins but my support is for my best team Karachi Kings.” Musician Arshad Mehmood said a nice line and that is.” This will be a victory of Pakistan not for a single team.” Renowned artist Faisal Qureshi shared his thoughts and said he was waiting for this moment to come true for last four years and now this is reality. “

This will also help our economy. This will also help to boost our youngsters’ moral to work hard and become a star. “I am not supporting a single team but whole PSL. I also pray for the success of the whole event.” While Sajid Hasan saying this tournament will be beneficial for Pakistan. He also urged the Pakistanis to cheer for league and support it. “

This will be one of the best league in world which will provide us best entertainment and quality of cricket.” By this league world will know Pakistan is safe country. This will increase tourism and help to grow tourism industry. “This was his wish to see best players around the world in Pakistan. Now his dream became reality.

He also said now its up to us to make full house at every match and give the positive feedback to world and the returns of these players who came to Pakistan for their fans.” Fakhr-e-Alam The fifth edition of PSL is now being played at different stadium with full house. We pray for the event and may best team wins.

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