Mandate of Balochistan schools that recite the Quran

Mandate of Balochistan schools that recite the Quran
It is likely that schools in Balochistan will be ordered to read the Qaran. Lawmakers in the province want the elementary school students to compulsory read the Quran.Even, during a meeting held on Friday, the provincial cabinet approved the first draft of the bill.

Balochistan Chief Minister chaired the meeting. If this law is approved and passed, it will apply to public and private schools. They also discussed a 25-point agenda in which heavy snowfall in various parts of the province and offered prayers for the martyrs of the latest explosion that occurred in Quetta.

The Cabinet has also approved the creation of a Provincial Disaster Management Commission, which helps to provide financial compensation for victims of natural disasters and accidents.

On the other hand, according to the latest developments, the
National Highway Authority has signed an MoU with the National Bank of Pakistan for planting thousands of olive trees along highways and motorways.

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