Kind words are a social network that mimics that name

Kind words are a social network that mimics that name

One year ago words like Popcannibal came out, a non-game that lets you connect, however, expects you to be nothing.
As a result except for good vibes. Please note the words (writing down the beat of lo-fi chill) is his full name.
The game, and it’s basically “the title says everything.” A small, square room with a rack, bed and a work area.

Your little avatar, which looks like Homestuck extra, sits at work and composes while relaxing music plays out of sight.
You can send a letter, known as “request,” and then hold back and hang tight for answers.
Or, on the other hand, you can easily spread the word to the world through which this message is delivered.
The sources of a paper airplane – you have to take them as you fly across the screen to read. Finally, you can go Respond to requests from others through your inbox.

There is no measurement on these letters. The application will not tell you how many letters you have compiled or reacted to.

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There are no combining motives: kind words that are the basic kind words., Stickers that include each letter. You can try to combine them all, at your liking everyone.
Similarly, the sticker talks about something that can be placed on the shelf of your little book if you wish. It’s yours Place to end

Because the developers put it on a board in PAX East this year, it’s a social media organization where everyone is good. You can report inaccurate remarks, and the staff said that the numbers are extremely low and easy to monitor.
Correspondence when you need a virtual friend, with you in an ideal situation with an application like Slowly. Gradually allow you to find people with common interests or from specific countries and Then think of a letter, basically, about them. The kind words are only $ 5 and you can play it here.

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