Huawei has upgraded the Nova 5 Pro to EMUI 10

Huawei has upgraded the Nova 5 Pro to EMUI 10

Huawei has upgraded the Nova 5 Pro to EMUI 10

yesterday it had been officially announced by EMUI on Weibo that Huawei Nova 5 Pro has started receiving system update for EMUI 10. According to the details, EMUI 10 Huawei has developed based on Android 10.0 Q, users can now go to services, application services, early adopters to participate in the upgrade.

The system EMUI10 is built with deep customization, it breaks down hardware limits, it considers hardware capabilities and puts them in the hardware competency resource pool for supply calls.

Capabilities are mutually shared and they are peripherals. It seems that both the application and the terminal use the same terminal. EMUI10 splits the UI programming framework, the business logic meta-capability, to achieve multi-deployment deployment of the development project.

New Features and Capabilities

The new EMUI10 completely removes the barriers of Windows and Android from the core of the system, allowing seamless collaboration between the system mobile phone and PC. PC mouses and keyboards become phone particles and are said to bring unparalleled office experience.

EMUI10 also comes with the following features:

Dark Mode

EMUI 10 brings Dark Mode experience for users, users can use, read and view device in Dark mode at night, you can turn on Dark Mode by going to Settings >> Display >> Brightness and You can select the Dark mode.

Translate Screen

Users can long press the page with two fingers or turn on AI scrolling translation by awakening to Xiaoyi’s “translate screen.”

Smart Assistant

Users can press and hold the power button for a second to a wake up the voice assistant and voice control.

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