China bans eating wild animals

China bans eating wild animals

China bans eating wild animals

Chinese province of Hubei has imposed a complete ban on eating wild animals and wildlife products. The purpose is to protect people’s lives and health, according to the Sinhava News Agency.

The provincial legislature has decided to enforce the ban. It will take effect immediately. All the venomous wild animals are included in the ban.

This includes the life of invasive and endangered aquatic life under key protection, and they are prohibited under other laws and regulations.

Individuals and organizations will not be allowed to prepare or process food prepared from wild animals and products. It also prohibits the purpose of eating, hunting, breeding, trading, transporting or transporting wild animals.

In accordance with the laws and procedures, non-edible uses of scientific research, medicine or exhibition of wild animals will be used. If there is a violation of the ban, there will be an administrative penalty.

Due to the ongoing novel corona virus, this decision has been taken. The Corona virus has spread to 90 other countries from Wuhan. More than 3400 people have killed and 100,000 are affected.

There is no clear explanation as to which animal is causing the virus in humans, but Beijing’s decision indicates that China is trying to prevent the spread of similar viruses in the wildlife industry Wants to control.

It is important to mention here that in 2003, Chinese officials banned the signals when they found out that they were transmitting the SARS virus to humans.

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