Biology mcqs p#2

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Biology mcqs for mcat test preparation 2020

21. Which is a parasitic plant?
(A) cuscuta
(B) rose
(C) ferns
(D) mosses

22. True roots absent in
(A) ferns
(B) bryophytes
(C) gymnosperms
(D) angiosperms

23. The mechanism for ATP synthesis is
(A) chemosynthesis
(B) photosynthesis
(C) phosphorylation
(D) chemiosmosis

24. Enzyme present in the saliva is
(A) lipase
(B) trypsin
(C) ptyalin
(D) invertase

25. Nitrogen is present in
(A) carbohydrates
(B) proteins
(C) lipids
(D) carbonates

26. The food is ground in the cockroach in
(A) mesenteron
(B) crop
(C) gizzard
(D) intestine

27. Operculum is present in
(A) bony fish
(B) sea fish
(C) cartilaginous fish
(D) none of these

28. In which the level of respiration of animals is found in more than one organ
(A) birds
(B) human
(C) fish
(D) frog

29. The heart is enclosed in a membrane called
(A) pleura
(B) pericardium
(C) peritoneum
(D) epithelium

30. From right ventricle blood is pushed into
(A) pulmonary trunk
(B) brain
(C) aorta
(D) body

31. Which one is abundant in lymph
(A) oxygen
(B) lipids
(C) water
(D) proteins

32. It is found in the jaw without teeth
(A) birds
(B) reptiles
(C) fish
(D) none of these

33. Male reproductive part of flower is
(A) stigma
(B) stamen
(C) carpel
(D) ovule

34. Coordination in plants is by

(A) nervous system
(B) enzymes
(C) hormones
(D) roots

35. The simplest fatty acid is
(A) palmitic acid
(B) butyric acid
(C) oleic acid
(D) acetic acid

36. All enzymes are protein which are
(A) globular
(B) fibrous
(C) helical
(D) all of these

37. Cilia are produced from
(A) mitochondria
(B) cell-membrane
(C) centriole
(D) cytoplasm

38. Which of the following disease is not caused by virus
(A) T.B
(D) flu

39. Which of the following is a filamentous alga
(A) ulva
(B) chlorella
(C) acetabularia
(D) spirogyra

40. Which of the following is not sac fungi
(A) truffles
(B) yeasts
(C) mushrooms
(D) morels


21. (A) cuscuta
22. (B) bryophytes
23. (D) chemiosmosis
24. (C) ptyalin
25. (B) proteins
26. (C) gizzard
27. (A) bony fish
28. (D) frog
29. (B) pericardium
30. (A) pulmonary trunk
31. (D) proteins
32. (A) birds
33. (B) stamen
34. (C) hormones
35. (D) acetic acid
36. (A) globular
37. (C) centriole
38. (A) T.B
39. (D) spirogyra
40. (C) mushrooms