Bang & Olufsen launches $2,250 smart speaker

Bang & Olufsen launches $2,250 smart speaker

Advanced audio company Bang & Olufsen is no stranger to expensive speakers so,  it’s not surprising that the company’s latest product, but good-looking Beosound Balance, costs $2,250.  Don ‘t get me wrong: this is a very attractive designer speaker, who has raised the standard of “Fabric mesh-covered cylinder.”

These days, solid oak base (which also has one of the bass drivers) and aluminum accents get popular. Bang & Olufsen goes on to explain how aluminum grilles are drilled in “a Fibonacci pattern,” which is exactly how it is Pay attention to the details that you expect from the speaker, which has a comma in the price tag.

But it’s an effectively Home 2,250 Google Home, which looks and feels great. It’s probably not better than $2,000. As is the case with most Bang & Olufsen speakers (some of which may cost upwards) $40,000), you will be paying a premium for design, content and brand name.


Bang & Olufsen launches $2,250 smart speaker


The Beosound Balance, which sits somewhere between BeSound 2 and disk-shaped Beosound Edge, has been finalized with a London design agency called Layer. It is divided into two parts: a cylindrical base and a large bucket-shaped upper, which serves hope to fill your room with great sound.

The lower part of the Beosound balance is wrapped in FSC-approved wood and has a large, upper-facing subwoofer. Low-frequency sound is loud and through a hole-shaped metal dish before reflecting the round base top.

The upper unit consists of a lower facing bass driver, three mid-range speakers and two tweeters is all wrapped up in a textile that is supposed to produce premium furniture like a wooden base.

Bang & Olufsen’s new speaker will support Bluetooth, Airplay 2 and Google Cast, before Spotify Connect comes out of the second half of 2020. And if you prefer sound to touch controls, don’t panic: Beosound Balance offers Google Assistant and, at the end of the year, Alexa’s Alexa replacement.


If you own other Bang & Olufsen hardware, Balance can also be used as a part of Sonos style surround sound or multi-room setup.

Like other speakers equipped with a microphone (including Apple’s HomePod) in Beosound Balance, Bang & Olufsen has named the “Active Room Compensation” capability, which listens to the audio sound in your specific room setup and Customizable.

According to the speaker’s voice. And for those who prefer their smart speaker, they didn’t listen to them, there is one too Mic mute switch.

Compared to the Google Home on the Home $99, the Amazon Echo on the $149, and the Apple HomePod in the Apple $299, it goes without saying that they have their price range is even better than the rest of the $220.

Whether they are worth the price and have to be replaced and selected at a much cheaper alternative is up to consumers and audio fans.

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