15 Pakistan-Origin Politicians Win in UK Elections

At least 15 British Pakistani politicians have emerged victorious in the recent UK elections, including Sajid Javed of the Conservative Party.
Sajid, who served as finance minister in Boris Johnson’s cabinet, has not only retained his seat, but also increased Vote by 6,533 votes. He was elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) from Bromsgrove.
The Other conservative candidates of the winning Conservative Party include:

  • Rehman Chishti from his hometown, Gillingham
  • Saqib Bhatti from Meriden
  • Nusrat Ghani from Wealden
  • Imran Ahmed from Bedfordshire.

A majority of British politicians with Pakistani background were supporting the runner-up Labour Party. Those who got elected on Labour Party’s tickets are:

  1. Naz Shah with third consecutive victory from Bradford West
  2. Khalid Mahmood with a second straight win from Birmingham MP
  3. Yasmin Qureshi from Bolton South East
  4. Imran Hussain from Bradford East
  5. Zara Sultana from Coventry South
  6. Tahir Ali from Birmingham Hall Green
  7. Shabana Mahmood from Birmingham Ladywood
  8. Rozina Ali from Tooting
  9. Muhammad Yaseen from Bedfordshire
  10. Afzal Khan from Manchester’s Gorton.

More than 70 British-Pakistani candidates were contesting elections in Conservative, Labor and Liberal Democrats parties tickets, Some of them participated in the elections as an independent candidates.

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